God is active at St. Philip’s: feeding, healing, renewing our lives.

St. Philip’s loves to see and celebrate it!  

We hope that this website will let you experience some of this joy.


We hope that you’ll celebrate & worship with us!



"Come as you are; leave a little different."


Upcoming Events


Palm Sunday

Sunday, April 14


Easter Day

Sunday, April 21


Holy Week

April 15-19


Easter Sunday

Sunday, April 1


St. Philip's YouTube Channel

We present new videos each week!

Make sure to stay up to date with what's going on here at St, Philip's by following our page to watch our different Series!


Sanctuary Restoration

We have created this fundraiser as an attempt to restore the interior of our Sanctuary.
The building remains in good condition except the interior paint is peeling & chipping and looks unsightly.
So we are hoping to raise enough funds to repair the walls and preserve its historic beauty.
Please donate if you can.

Winter Blues to Blessings


Well: here we are in what is often thought of as the deep winter. The time of the year where the weather turns gray and cold, sweaters come out an spirits sag a little. A very wise person once said one of the best ways to feel better at this time of the year is to focus on someone else in need.


It can sometimes be difficult just to get through the day, much less reach out to others. We want to encourage you to have someone: a family member, a friend or colleague; etc. that checks on you breifly each day. Someone who gives you a call; sends you a text; etc. just letting you know they care. This pulls us out of our shells and helps us to focus outward and feel a bit better!


We can also offer up prayers. Our Episcopal tradition is steeped in the Celtic Christian experience, which loves to feel & express God's embrace. There are many wonderful prayers & poems by our spiritual ancestors such as an anonymous, medieval one for the Shetland Islands (off the NE coast of Scotland):


Come I this day to the Father,

Come I this day to the Son,

Come I to the Holy Spirit powerful;

Come I this day with God,

Come I this day with Christ,

Come I with the Spirit of kindly balm,

God, Spirit, & Jesus,

From the crown of my head

To the soles of my feet;

Come I with my reputation,

Come I with my testimony,

Come I to thee, Jesu - 

Jesu, shelter me.

Recurring Events

Addiction & Recovery Family Resource Group

St. Philip’s hosts an open Addiction/Recovery Family Support Meeting every Tuesdays at 6:00 PM in the Parish Hall.


Movie Nights: 

New time/dates for fall to be announced! 

A prayer for Service

Almighty God, assist us to see your vision of the growth and vitality of St. Philip's. Help us to reach those who do not know your saving grace. Deepen our commitment; increase our faith and trust, that we may live as witnesses to you. May the Holy Spirit lead us to the service you would have us do, as servants of Christ Jesus our Lord, in whose name we pray. Amen.

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